Terms of service

                              Quality Promise:

Aerin & Mahogany products are made with love & care.  We focus on quality and being efficient. There may be differences in each product you receive, such as color, scent, or consistency.  This is due to all the natural ingredients. For example, shea butter at times can be hard, soft or have a different scent. The humidity of our production lab can even affect how a product turns out.  This is what makes handmade products so unique and special.  WARNING: Some of our items are subject to melting during very hot seasons. Please make sure when your product arrives there is someone there to pick it up on time because the butter will melt if left in extreme heat.


Product Safety:

  • Aerin & Mahogany products are made with natural ingredients; that many of our customers use on infants and children.  However, some people may have the occasional allergies and their skin may be sensitive to products made with nuts, soy or even Aloe Vera.  Due to this, we ask you to please do a patch test on a small area of your skin before using our products to see if you have any reactions.  Do not apply the products to the irritated or broken skin.  If there are any irritations that occur, please discontinue use.